Week 10 Project


Our week 10 project is finally complete! The strange thing for us was that the struggle didn’t come in setting up for the recording, but rather in coping with and recovering from disaster midway through.

Our biggest blessing was deciding to use someone from our own group as the talent. Brian is an amazing musician and graciously opted to play all instruments for a track for our recording. We began with the piano.

IMG_4032 IMG_4031 IMG_4055

Following this, we set up mics to record shakers. Before setting up the drum mics, we allowed Brian a test run to come up with something to accompany what we had.
We liked the sound of the mics being far off from the drums, we ended up leaving them in place and keeping that recording for the final track.

IMG_4057 IMG_4058

We had a nice 3-track piece together and called it a day. We intended to return after Thanksgiving break and finish by recording an organ piece.

Unfortunately, we made the mistake of leaving our tape in the studio and a group that followed accidentally recorded over our work.
This meant when we came in to finish in our next session, we had to re-do everything. However, we were prepared and got right to work.
I cannot put into words how thankful I was to be working with people as well versed as Aaron and Brian. At worst, the setback was a mere inconvenience.

We made some slight mic readjustments, but we finished everything over again over the course of roughly 6 and a half hours.

Overall, this project was a great learning experience. The biggest thing I’m taking from this is to never give up.
The unexpected will happen, but where there’s a will (and awesome fellow group members), there is a way.



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