Weekend of Recording Sessions

My group tried a new documentation technique, and this time we have a couple of time lapses.
You can see everything we did from setting up to breaking down in a 2 hour session in attached 2-minute time lapse videos.
(Time Lapses ©2014 Aaron Kish)

We took a weekend of record two local artists from here in Olympia. Both were guitar and vocals, so the set-up was relatively simple.
The gentleman we recorded also played harmonica, so this added in a new dynamic we were not yet used to. His session was a learning experience for us and afterward he expressed that facing the performer directly at the studio window made him kind of nervous. All in all, we got a good recording of a great original song of his satirizing the police.

The next day, we hosted a lady who sang a few hymns for us. She was guitar and vocal only, however she played a 12-string guitar.
Initially, we set her vocal mic in front of her but noticed later that she sings with her head facing the neck of her guitar. We moved the mic for her second song and were more pleased with the results.

The recordings will be posted soon.

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